Casual And Ecological Butcher Countertop

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The butcher countertop offers an elegant but casual and ecological look. Its soft surface requires a little maintenance, but nothing that takes up a significant amount of time. A butcher block surface should be sealed and lubricated once a month. Cleaning is easy, simply requiring mild detergent and a cloth or sponge. The negative aspect is that the surface, if not well maintained, can dry or crack and when it gets wet it should be dried immediately.

There are many types of wood with different thicknesses available. Water is the enemy of wood. If you do not do it properly and keep the oil from the butcher’s block, water damage can result. Clean spills of liquids immediately to avoid staining. To facilitate maintenance, use the butcher countertop everywhere except the sink and dishwasher area. The mixture of roofing materials offers aesthetic interest, and the choice of a second surface with different properties will give an alternative workspace.

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When you are preparing foods with vinegar or other problematic liquids, you will want a countertop in addition to wood. Although it can be cut and chopped directly in oil-treated butcher countertop, you can avoid maintenance problems by using cutting boards. Use trivets to prevent burning from hot pots and pans. Avoid the accumulation of bacteria by cleaning the butcher’s block with soap and water; Dry the surface with a towel.

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