Antique Full Size Day Bed

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Adding a full size day bed to your baby’s room could serve a multitude of purposes, such as providing a space for her to sleep when she grows more in her crib. Incorporate the day bed into the decor so it does not stick out while serving any purpose you need. In addition, some convertible cribs become a day bed when the crib is no longer needed. Cots that convert into day beds or serve as a full-size bedside can grow with your child from their baby years to their college years. Turn the crib into a day bed when it starts to come out of your crib. Tell your baby the day bed is your “big boy bed” when you are for your creation, before putting it in it.

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Set up a full size day bed in the baby’s room in addition to its crib to serve multiple purposes. You can take a nap on the day bed when you do, or sleep in your room when she does not feel well. Add an abundance of luxury pillows to the day bed to serve as a comfortable place to sit while feeding the baby, especially in the middle of the night. The day bed can also provide guests, like their grandmother, a place to sleep when they visit. Move the baby to your bedroom in a portable crib or bassinet if you do not want the baby to disturb your guests.

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Include the full size day bed in your decorating plans. Purchase a day bed that complements the crib with the same color or style. Use pillows or bedding that complement the crib bedding, such as wearing the same colors as your baby’s bedding. Add some novelty pillows or stuffed animals that go with the theme of the baby’s room, such as lions and giraffes for a themed nursery-jungle. Your baby can use pillows or stuffed animals when he is older since these items should not be placed in his crib to avoid choking accidents.