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Aluminum Countertop – Until recently it was not usual to find kitchens with aluminum countertops in homes, it was much more common in places like restaurants or hotels. However, little by little they have been making a hole in the kitchens of the houses and the number of followers is multiplying. If you plan to change your countertop for an aluminum one, you must bear in mind that it is one of the most hygienic materials that exist, hence.

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At first, it will be used in industrial kitchens and restaurants. The only disadvantage that can have is that it is necessary to maintain the cleaning constantly, as any splash is very noticeable. As an aluminum countertop, we can say that keeping it clean and maintained will not be very complicated. This type of countertops is created based on an agglomerate board and a steel plate between 1 and 2 millimeters thick. Its approximate price is 150 Euros per linear meter.

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You can also combine another series of elements together with aluminum, such as glass. Both materials are used in the most avant-garde kitchens. On the surface is used is a polished glass that ends with an aluminum countertop contour. In this case, the price will always depend on the glass plate that has been used and the steel, although its price is quite accessible, around 100 euros approximately.