Building Metal Bunk Beds Twin Over Twin

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Metal bunk beds twin over twin can be built quickly if you have a plan and stick to it. It should not take more than 30 minutes to build bunk beds if you have a good helper and just a little longer if you have no help. Even bunk beds can be built quickly, if done properly; they can last for up to 10 years. The materials and tools needed to quickly build bunk beds can be found at the construction store.


Buy the timber and nails needed to construct metal bunk beds twin over twin. Be sure to buy 16 sections of 4-times-4 and two pieces of plywood. Build the legs first. Take two 4-by-4s and nail them create a 4-by-8. You can perform this stack two 4-by-4s directly on top of each other and nail them together. Use at least one nail in the top, middle and bottom of the adjacent 4-by-4s. Repeat this step four times to quickly make four sets of legs. The legs should be 6 feet high.

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Take two of the legs and stand them about 6 feet apart metal bunk beds twin over twin. Coupling the two legs with another 4-by-4 by nailing it in the legs at about 24 inches from the ground. The nails should be positioned so that they pass through four-times-4 and into the leg. Use multiple nails in all places where the legs contact 4-by-4 to ensure stability. Repeat this step again by nailing a 4-times-4 in the legs about 60 inches from the ground. Take the other two legs and repeat the same steps. You should have two sets of legs connected with 4-by-4s.

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Cut two 4-by-4s in the middle, creating four 3-meter pieces. Take 3-meter pieces and nail them in the legs in a way that will connect the two parts. The nails should go through the end of the three-foot 4-by-4 and into the leg. Do this at the top and bottom of the bed on both the bottom and the top sleeping chest. The bunk beds will now stand upright with a recognizable top and bottom bunk bed. Spice your 6-by-3 bit plywood down on the 6-by-3 frame of the top and bottom bunk beds. The bunk beds are now ready for a small mattress or sleeping bag.