Building Platform Bed Twin

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Platform bed twin – The clean lines and primary colors of modern furniture are easy to achieve with a do-it-yourself twin bed frame. You can combine a simple platform frame with paint to create attractive modern furniture at a fraction of what it would cost to buy at a store furniture store. For a project this simple, you can also engage children asleep in bed. It will build its sense of involvement and responsibility while introducing him to the basics of self-project.


Cut your wood to the necessary dimensions for platform bed twin. If you do not have a chainsaw, ask for your timber yard to cut your purchase specification. Sand all faces of the work with the rough sandpaper. Sand the following faces worked with fine sandpaper. a face of plywood, all sides of plywood, one face each of all four beams, the ends of 75-inch beams (but not 36-inch beams), all four sides of each post. These are the parts that will be visible after the construction. Apply primer on all faces to sand with fine sandpaper. Allow to dry thoroughly.

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Mount four beams into a rectangle, positioned so that the shorter beams are in longer beams. The platform bed twin should rest on their narrowest side. Connect the rectangle to a frame with two wooden screws per point for connection. Place the plywood board on top of the frame. Screw with a screw in each corner. Turn the frame on its side so you can access both the plywood face and the beam face of the frame.

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Place a post at the end in one corner of the frame, resting at the angle formed by two beams. Screw with four wooden screws driven by plywood and at the end of the insert. Assemble the other three services in the other three corners, using the same method you did for the first post. Apply your paint to exposed surfaces on the bed frame. Allow to dry thoroughly. Repeat with a second time if necessary. Lay the mattress.

Tips and warnings

You can adjust the work dimensions to build a modern frame for all platform bed twins. If this for a queen or platform bed, add a third row of three services that run down the middle. This will help the bed resist hanging.