Building Platform Twin Bed Frame

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Platform twin bed frame offer a modern, simple look to your bedroom, as well as fixed backrests. Building your own is also an economic do-it-yourself project. Building materials for a platform bed usually cost less than $ 100 and can be obtained at an even lower cost if recycled wood is used. The following instructions use 1-by-12S to build a base and 1-by-4s to trim the edges of the chipboard platform. The base is recessed six inches on each side. The 1-time-4 trim creates one in the lip to keep your mattress from sliding and an extra 1/2 inch on each side is provided to allow swabs in sheets and other beds.


If joining two pieces of particle board together for a full size or larger bed, attach them from the bottom with straight metal strips. Half will be the top of the platform twin bed frame and half the lower part. Sand some uneven edges on the timber before the construction of the undercarriage. Build underground for your platform twin bed frame. Build a rectangular box from four 1-of-12S, using a wooden screw and the illustration here as a guide. Zinc the screws and cover the holes with wood. Attach the remaining long boards at 1/3 intervals inside the frame. Measure the distance between each section so that remaining card boards in six pieces to fasten with spaced intervals as shown in the drawing. This creates a strong base that will not distort or twist.

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Place chipboard platform top-down and center underneath on the underside. Attach the base to the platform using metal L-brackets, two on each side. Turn over the bed and fasten 1- by-4s around the edge of the particle board platform with wooden screws, giving a one-piece lip over the particleboard. You may want to use a tape measure to mark bulletin boards on an inch brand. Bets or paint your platform twin bed frame as desired. If a physical wood finish is desired, simply place a layer of polyurethane throughout the structure.

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Tips and warnings

Always pierce holes before attaching screws to prevent a fragmentation of wood. Thick foam rubber mattresses are recommended for platform beds. No box spring is required.