Care For A Cork Countertops

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Cork countertops – The cork used in cork countertops is actually the bark of a tree called the tree corked who is a member of the book family. Cork countertop is desirable for the nice, elasticity and its simplicity to handle. If you have purchased countertop for your home, you might wonder if the best way to take care of your countertop. With simple proper care, this floor can be used for many years to come.


Sweep your cork countertops daily to remove loose dirt and debris that may eventually slip into the floor and damage it. Follow up with a mop to remove dust particles that you may have missed with the broom. Wipe up games immediately as the countertop is quite absorbent. Use a clean dry towel to wipe away excess liquid. If the release was a tacky substance, use a clean, damp cloth to remove residual stickiness, and follow up with a clean dry cloth to dry the area.  Moisten a mop with clean water and twist it properly. Mop the countertop with the mop after it has sown and dust dried. Keep the mop rotated properly to avoid soaking the countertop with excess fluid. Allow the countertop to air dry. Hang the curtains or blinds on the windows to keep direct sunlight away countertop, as this will lead to bleaching.

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Carpets in doorways to collect dirt to protect the cork countertop use breathable rugs without rubber backs to not collect moisture. Be sure to put Droppkar under potted plants, and you can wear furniture under furniture to protect the countertop.

Tips and warnings

Lift furniture when moving rather than pulling it because it can cause scratches. Avoid using strong chemicals and abrasives when cleaning the cork countertops.

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