Countertop Towel Rack Placement

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Countertop towel rack – Here we show the most common options where to place the towel rack. Yes, it is preferable to think about it before starting the bathroom reform. First idea is, towel rack in the washbasin; there are washbasin cabinets that bring a hanger by default, they usually come on one side of it. For our part, we only need to decide whether we prefer the towel rack on one side of the shelf (or sink) or on the bottom.

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Second countertop towel rack idea, under the sink; we can use a handle to place the towel on it. But it is convenient that the handle is not that of a drawer and that there are more drawers underneath, the towel can be very uncomfortable when we want to access the lower drawers. Ideally, it should be a complete removable module.

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Hole punched in the countertop; whether we have a large bathroom that allows us to place the countertop towel rack anywhere as if ours is a tiny toilet, have a counter made to measure and also have the skirt perforated to hang the towel. No doubt is synonymous with design, as well that if the budget allows it; this option is worth being valued.