Decorate Twin Bed Tent

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Twin bed tent – Decorating a guest bedroom is often a bigger challenge than decorating your own room or those of your children. Different people have different tastes and you want everyone who stays over to feel welcome and comfortable in the space you give them. This is not an impossible task. As a matter of fact, you can actually enjoy the process almost as much as your guests will enjoy their room.


Choose a twin bed tent for the comfort of your guests. Full size beds tend to leave higher people with the dilemma of legroom. A double bed does not come up much more space than one full, but will ensure the comfort of friends and family. Take into account as most of your guests will be. If the purpose is to accommodate your young grandchildren, then by all means, go with two beds. Along with comfortable bed size, pick comfortable beds. Do not use old, spread crate bed.

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Use thick pillows and sheets with high thread count instead. Most stores discount department stores sell sheets with a thread counting as low as 180. These low numbers are the equivalent of sleeping on sandpaper twin bed tent. If budget is a problem, choose middle and choose at least 350. Layer litter so that guests can slide as much or as little as they consider comfortable. Choose a color that does not compromise the architectural integrity of your home. It’s a good idea to also consider the region where you live when painting your guest room.

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South areas are known for warm, earthy colors. Coastal homes can contain bright, airy colors and even pastels. If you have a modern residence, color contours can create a refreshing place for guests, while an older home may require more subdued shades and a chair rail. Furnish the room with practical amenities. Put the table or bedside table on both sides of the twin bed tent. Place lamps on each so that if one of your guests wants to do some late night reading she can do it without disturbing her partner. A small TV can also be understood so that your friends do not feel like they are holding you late for the case they want to watch late night news or sitcoms.