Diy Kitchen Countertops Ideas

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Diy kitchen countertops – If you want a big design change for your kitchen, but do not have the money for a whole remodel, redo the countertops. These large pieces can change the look of your kitchen with a few hours of work and moderate supplies. As always, pay attention when working with tools and chemicals. Concrete worktop; for an ecological, economical reconstruction of the false ceiling, take on a do-it-yourself concrete work plan. Instead of prefabricating in a mold and having to lift the counter in place, you can launch the counter already in place.

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The cement sits on a thin concrete slab for support. The diy kitchen countertops project does not require surface-smoothing skills, so practice on a smaller project before taking this up. A model of the current worktop is drawn on a piece of cardboard, and a foam sink lines plug the perimeter to keep the cement from leaking. The edge of the concrete is cut using the model, placed on top of the cabinets and concrete is placed on it. Pieces of colored glass or mother of pearl are inlaid for a touch of gleam.

Mosaic and tile backsplash diy kitchen countertops; if you do not want to take up the entire worktop, change its look with a backsplash on the wall directly behind it. Fragments of old Christmas decorations or stained glass, small mirror tiles or Mexican tiles all make visually impressive accents. If you are worried about aligning everything correctly, go with a mosaic and embrace the uneven application. Adds arts and crafts, rustic touch. You can measure the backsplash area, and lay it down on an early model. So you know exactly what model you want.

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