Dreaming Of Rustic King Size Bed Frame

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There is a very simple way to start the day full of energy: having a bed where you feel comfortable. A rustic king size bed frame is an extra large and charm bed. This rustic bed has a special charm and can be achieved beautiful with some additional elements accessories. While the details that identify bedroom style are, for example, a ceiling in a vault or with natural exposed beams or pickled wood.

The key is to give prominence to natural materials such as wood, stone and plant fibers. Also salvage antique furniture and accessories such as headboards, an old dresser or Grandma’s chair. The flowers and plants, both fresh and dry, also give the rustic and charming touch to complete rustic king size bed frame in rustic bedroom atmosphere. Natural fabrics such as linen, cotton and wool are ideal for this type of rustic bed frames plans decoration.

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And also the objects of industrial style that add personality and the absence of all kinds of luxury or sophistication pretensions. Many forms of relaxation and pleasant spending of time allow a piece of furniture, which in its nature is to provide comfort and an atmosphere of intimacy. A king log bed frames idea with a headboard is a piece of furniture that thanks to an additional element, ie a headboard, becomes a multifunctional furniture, and in addition extremely aesthetic.

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