Fake Granite Countertops Ideas

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Fake granite countertops are a cost effective solution for a kitchen work surface. Fake granite worktops provide a warm and personal touch to the kitchen. Because a kitchen countertop is used for rough work, it is important that you choose a tough.


Oiled fake granite countertops are created by gluing several planks together to create a striped surface. These worktops are oiled and shiny. Painted fake granite surfaces are not durable and prone to cutouts and damage caused by heat and pressure. The slab countertops, on the other hand, are an excellent choice, especially if you use the bench for cutting. The butcher block top is not made of a fake granite block. It is made of a series of end-grain fake granite segments that are glued. Hard maple and roots are known for their rich, narrow corny surfaces and are good choices for DIY worktops. They are easily available unlike exotic fake granite used by countertop manufacturers.

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Overtime, wood tends to change color and crack due to loss of moisture. To extend his life, apply a fake granite finish. You can use mineral oil for finishing. This not only enhances the aesthetic beauty of the fake granite, but it also protects the fake granite countertops from moisture. Apply a thick layer of oil on the counter month. Fake granite is extremely sensitive to cooking machines that produce heat. If you need to heat producing appliances, such as a dishwasher or built-in oven under your fake granite countertop, you must place an aluminum foil membrane on the underside of the worktop. Aluminum foil prevents heat and moisture; consequently, the fake granite prevents cracking. You can glue it to see it in place.

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