How To Have A Bohemian Style Bedroom

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Bohemian Style Bedroom – Bohemian rooms are cozy and welcoming. The multitude of colors, fabrics and comfort items creates a romantic atmosphere. Strong colors, plush fabrics, and various patterns combine to make an eclectic and cohesive place to hang out. Freestyle decoration allows you to mix furniture and accessories from several different eras. Use the elements that you like most when planning your bohemian environment. Tie all the pieces together with a coherent color scheme of intense and daring colors. Lamps and second-hand store furniture can be painted with gold or black spray to make a basic background for the materials.

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The walls of deep, rich color. Vivid colors such as red, orange, blue or purple can be applied to all walls or you can choose an accent wall. Mix a variety of furniture styles. Meet those who already have or go to the economy store to find tables, comfortable chairs in unexpected colors, a vintage headboard, and bookstores. Fill the room with a variety of textured materials. Choose curtains, bedspreads, carpets, and blankets of intense and daring colors. High contrast is expected in a bohemian style bedroom.

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Cluster multiple accessories around the room. Bold art pieces, sculptures, and vases full of flowers – real or silk – give the room a cozy feeling. Add your favorite old stuffed animals and hang posters of your favorite bands. Records can be hung as works of art. Use soft lighting. Use low-watt or colored light bulbs in your floor lamps or table lamps. Cover the beads around the ceiling fixtures so they hang down. The ribbons can be loops around the lamps they adorn.