Ideas For Themed Mid Century Dog Bed

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Mid Century Dog Bed – A dog is a child’s best friend, and children who love dogs will also love a dog-themed bed. Ideas can range from the simple – a bed of a pile of dog-themed pillows – to the complicated – a bed built to resemble a doghouse. Use your imagination and add lots of dog accents to create a dog-themed bed your child will truly love.

Sometimes it seems that the dog bed is the coziest bed in the house – and your child’s bed will be the same when decorating to mimic a dog bed. This aspect works particularly well with beds for younger children, with a railing that surrounds the pad that can be imitated by the soft and fluffy that makes dog beds bolster in a nest. You can also create this look in a day bed. Cushion the sides with a cushion in soft flannel or fluffy soft fleece – both common materials in the dog beds – and the top of the bed with a comforter and thick flannel sheets. Add decorative items, such as pillows in the form of dog toys, such as bones or balls.

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For a more involved bed with dog themes, build a partial “doghouse” around the head of the bed. Create a three-sided box to fit into the head of the bed and add a triangular roof. Decorate profusely or simply as that desire to imitate the construction of classic doghouse or more elegant styles that are becoming increasingly popular among pet-lovers. Paint with the colors that complement your choice of bedding and decorate with bone motifs or the simple word “dog”.

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