Laminate Countertop Measurement

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Countertop measurement – Laminate is an elastic material that adheres well to scratches and bumps. After a period of time, shine on the laminate dulls from cleaning products. Soapy cleaners leave a hideous residue, grinding the surface of the laminate. An acidic cleaner can remove the soap film, but does not restore shine. Restore shine to countertops to help the kitchen look cleaner and fresh.


Pour 1/4 dl vinegar on a clean cloth. Disinfect laminate countertop measurement by wiping fabric over the surface. Let vinegar to evaporate on the countertop. Apply 1 to 2 tablespoons. Of car wax on a soft cotton cloth. Wipe of car wax in circular movements under a 3-foot section of laminate. Fold the fabric to expose a clean surface, and add additional car wax on cloth and wipe another part of the worktop. Cover the entire laminate surface with car wax. Leave the wax on the laminate for 10 minutes.

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Buff wax from laminate countertop measurement with a clean, soft cloth. Fold the fabric into a square, and rub the wax with rotary movements, remove it from the laminate. Then fold the cloth together to wipe clean surfaces after scratching each 3-foot section of the worktop. Wipe residual car wax from the worktop with a clean, soft cloth.

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Oil-based polish

Clean the laminate worktops with a damp cloth dish. Wipe the worktop with a cotton ball. Spray an oil-based laminate countertop polish all over the surface. Give the Polish product on the bench overnight. Wipe the lacquer from the laminate countertop the next morning with a clean, soft cloth.