Limbo Bohemian Bedroom Ideas

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Eclectic, vibrant and lush, bohemian style can be perfect for your child’s room. The mood is mundane, with a palette of deep ambers and reds and textures of draping fabric, iron accents and beaded lampshades. The aroma of the bohemian room is tasting with vanilla and sandalwood as incense or candle diffuses scent in the room. Create a bohemian bedroom oasis for your daughter by blending her favorite rich colors and textures into a personal, sumptuous design.


Choose a warm, vibrant paint colors as the basis for your smart bohemian design. Deep pink, yellow or rich red make a strong backdrop for the bohemian bedroom decor. After painting, adorn the walls with ironwork-framed mirrors, paisley accent stencils in gold, and empty heavy gold frames. Choose an eclectic mix of wall sconces, either electric or candle, in iron or gilt, and hang them on the walls at different height intervals.

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Choose bedding in rich colors like those inspired by Indian saris. A bright violet silk or a deep gold make striking boho style home decor choices while paisley is a good pattern choice. Gold-plated silk bedspreads or duvets dress the bed in gypsy style, while gold, red and orange pile pillows luxuriously top the bed. A canopy of gold, orange or red fabric-clean and cut or opaque-curtains over the head of the bed to create a sumptuous setting. Make soft velvety throws along the foot of the bed and place a pair of whimsical Moroccan slippers on the deep blanket below.

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