Luxurious And Classy Granite Countertop Pictures

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This polished granite countertop pictures in earth tones, is the owner of the entire kitchen, surrounding it from the cooking area to the sink area. With a wide working surface and a thickness suitable for its large dimensions that prevents fracture due to overload. An enviable design that comes to us from Italy. In the corner of this other countertop, we appreciate the sinuous game of the streaks of the stone as much more detail.

An attractive combination of gray, dark and white tones that gives a great personality. Working on a surface with natural shapes makes the cooking experience much more entertaining. It’s what happened on this kitchen island when you installed the dark gray mottled granite countertop pictures. One piece remained permanently and forever. With so much strength and personality he did that the sink itself had to imitate his style and look like one more part of this spectacular piece. Its polished finish is nothing more than the reflection of a traditional taste for elegance.

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In the design of this kitchen was played with two different levels: a common area of ​​sink and glass ceramic, and a wing, at a lower height, added additionally as a work area. On all of them, granite countertop pictures in dark tones as well as in the crests of the perimeter of the countertop. The result is an interesting two-level break that creates the sensation of a different space.

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