Modern Day Bed For A Cutting Edge House

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Modern day bed – When we think of a couch we imagine the consultation of a psychiatrist and a monologue from any movie script by Woody Allen. But a modern day bed can change our concept of this type of furniture completely. Although the classic has its charm, a modern daybed is another story. It is a piece that oozes elegance and, in addition, is one of the most comfortable we have at home. Whether to read, watch TV or simply stretch your legs. The materials can be very varied, but they should always be comfortable. So that, in addition to their decorative function, the modern divan that we choose is practical.

As always, we will choose one type of design or another depending on the decoration we have in the room where we will place it. Luckily, we will not lack models to choose from. This type of furniture can boast of being a favorite of designers. In the first place, being modern does not mean that you cannot fit in at home if our decoration is different. In the balance is the virtue and know how to mix styles is an art that we can learn and train little by little. A modern day bed is a good piece to put this skill into practice. Choose a particularly sophisticated one, with metallic structure and wavy and sinuous shapes. Look for a color that matches the decoration of the living room and reserve a corner to create a small resting area.

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Place a standing lamp next to the divan and also accompany it from a generous shelf in size and content. If the elements that surround the couch make the transition between the style of the living room and the modern of this piece, you will be able to integrate a modern day bed and give a touch of vanguard to your home. If you are going to place a modern daybed in a more classic office, you can try to make the materials balance the design. The leather in dark or reddish colors is always a wise move. A modern daybed is also the perfect choice for a spacious hall. It is very decorative and the seats at the entrance are always welcoming.

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