Murphy Bed Travel Trailer Components

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The Murphy bed travel trailer is furniture often in smaller apartments or guest rooms where space is limited. Instead of the bed always takes up a big footprint on the floor, a Murphy bed folds up to be stored in a closet. This allows the floor space to be used when no bed is required. The most important part of the Murphy bed travel trailer is the window itself. This is a specialized folding bed frame. The upper part of the frame is typically only slightly narrower than the space in which the bed is located. This part of the frame has a sloped turn on it. The rest of the frame then folds upwards, swinging on the upper part, folding into the closet. The frame is the utmost what makes a Murphy bed work.

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Murphy bed frames are equipped with a folding mechanism that makes it easy to handle the weight of the bed as you fold or bounce away. Usually this consists of a pair of high draw springs that can be attached to the doors of the cabinet. Other Murphy bed travel trailer has pistons pressurized to support the bed as you lay it down or remove it. The advantage of pistons is that most are equipped with lock that ensures the bed does not accidentally fall out when not in use.

To collapse, a Murphy bed travel trailer needs a tray to fold in. Usually this is furniture that resembles a large storage cabinet or wardrobe. Ideally, the play should be functional as well as storage the bed, like having additional storage for clothes or bedding. These compartments must be sufficiently strong that the bed can be anchored to them at the necessary points. The mattress is the last important part of a Murphy bed. If you do not buy the mattress as part of a package with the Murphy bed mechanism, frame and cabinet, you will need to buy one that fits the rest of the device. Not only is the bed frame size important, but one must also think about the depths of Murphy bed travel trailer cabinets. A cabinet that is only 12 inches deep can of course not accommodate a 16 inch deep mattress.

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