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Countertop Support Legs – Excess countertop on a functional and unique table is a great way to avoid wastage. An allowance with the legs makes an excellent cutting surface and can be used as a matching kitchen island that is mobile or fixed. The matching appearance of the countertop is accentuated when the supporting legs are stained or painted to match the color of the furniture that is placed under the rest of the countertop.

Adjust the size of the countertop support legs to make supports, cutting boards or breakfast trays with the same design. Retention by two 2-by-2-by-36-inch boards of the leg with the help of an assistant. Bridge the two legs by placing a 1/2-by-4-by-24-inch support plate through them. Drill two holes from the top of the support plate, sinking down on the top of the legs. Insert 2-inch wood screws into the exposed holes. Tighten the wood screws in the holes with the drill. The same for the two other legs and a support board.

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Turn the inverted cover down and place the leg portions mounted evenly on the underside of the countertop. Drill four holes in each countertop support legs portion, through the top of the board bracket and down through the deck, being careful not to go to the other side of the countertop. Place 2-inch wood screws in each hole and tighten completely, being careful not to pinch the surface of the countertop.

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