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Twin captains bed with storage – The twin captain’s bed is sitting on top of storage, so there’s a bed and chest of storages in a practical piece of furniture. If you shop around for this type of bed, you will notice relatively high price tags. Unless wood works knowledge and some tools, you can build your own twin captains bed with storage. A captain’s bed is a return to the day of sailing ships when traveling to other countries took more than a couple of hours and a crew’s crew struggled to get everything they needed on board.

Maybe it’s our desire to live in a romantic past, or maybe they just make us feel special. But children and adults both love a well-made captain’s bed. The captain’s beds were the original storage beds. With so little space aboard, the area under the captain’s bed was filled with storages. These were much more useful than open shelves or cabinets, especially when high waves can rise anytime. Do they make storage of different sizes, with someone smaller than others? This is how a real twin captains bed with storage should be built. So smaller objects would not be thrown around when sailing rough sea.

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You can set them up in two rows, with smaller storages on top. Or you can put a couple of big storages on your head and foot, with a group of smaller storages in between them. Make trays of different sizes, some being smaller than others. Keep in mind that nautical details are what really make a captain’s bed stand out. Use brass hardware on storages of twin captains bed with storage. Maybe some brass angles on the corners resemble reinforcements on a treasure chest. And surround the bed with furniture that has a nautical theme, a bedside that looks like a treasure chest, for example.

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