Queen Size Bed With Trundle Ideas

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Queen size bed with trundle is one that will slide under another bed in your home. Tristan beds are good for the guests and make a perfect complement to a child’s room, providing a good place for your friends to sleep over. Since the truss has been placed under another bed, there is no reason why the truss must be exquisite and finer furniture. A single trundle bed with a foam mattress can slide underneath and be prepared for each guest’s arrival


Measure your foam mattress queen size bed with trundle. Cut inch plywood with a circle saw based on the dimensions you took. Alternatively, ask a lawyer at a home improvement center to cut wood. Cut trim mold to fit around the edges of the plywood. Choose the trim that will create a lip around the edge of the plywood base. This will help keep the mattress in place. Measure each side of plywood. Cut the trim mold at a 45 degree angle so the pieces will be like plywood and create finished pages.

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Smooth mounting adhesive on the inside of the trim. Apply trim to the edge of the plywood. Clamp trim with plywood with woodwork clamps. Allow the glue to dry. Hammer finishing nail in wood paneling, secure it with plywood. Turn the truss frame over. Place all four wheels on the underside, place them inches from the edge of the corners. Secure the wheels with an inch screw. Paint or color the queen size bed with trundle frame. Allow the paint to dry properly.

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Tips and warnings

Measure the space under the bed. You need enough space for wheels, plywood base and a foam mattress. Choose a thinner mattress and smaller wheels if necessary to fit under the bed. Secure the mattress with Velcro strap to keep it from sliding off the frame.