Romantic Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

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Have you ever thought of bringing a romantic touch to your bedroom? How about the shabby chic bedroom ideas? It is a style of decoration elegant shabby chic. In this style you will find aged furniture, chile objects and floral fabrics. To better understand this style, imagine yourself in a country house that is very English, simple and elegant; the walls and floor are painted white, the rooms are very bright and the furniture is designed to provide you with comfort!

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You have, for example, a couch or armchair that reveals their old life. The most used colors for this style include pastel shades – light pink, beige, and sky blue. Also, very often you will see sparkling candlesticks that create a feminine, sweet and romantic atmosphere. A similar warm atmosphere tempts you for your bedroom space?

The shabby chic style is enjoying an old-fashioned atmosphere. It’s also being in an English country house, elegantly simple at a time. Walls and floors are painted white, the rooms are bright and the furniture somewhat aged like a sofa or a mottled armchair. The color palette for shabby chic is very accurate. Of course, white is ubiquitous and pastel colors also. Between white, gray and pink, you have here the 3 basic colors.

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