The Materials Of Cutting Board Countertop Suitable For The Kitchen

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Cutting board countertop – Wooden cutting board; wood as a natural surface does not dull the blades as much as other surfaces would. Although in turn can scratch the surface especially when it comes to softwood. The type of wood is a matter of price. The most common woods are beech, maple or birch. The finished in olive or bamboo are variants of high quality and more durable but also less economic. It is said that pine has a disinfecting effect.

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Cutting board countertop made of glass or stone; hard glass or stone surfaces are colorful, robust and easy to clean. If you attach great importance to keeping your blades sharp, glass or stone cutting board countertop are not appropriate. Many blades are dull with glass or stone surfaces. Although to serve cheese or sausages are very appropriate glass or stone tables.

Cutting boards made of synthetic material; cutting board countertop of synthetic material preserves the blades. Cutting boards in high quality synthetic material are especially solid and very durable. So that no germs and bacteria are generated in the cracks of the surface you should try to clean it well. By using tables of different colors such as a red table for meat, a yellow board for the birds and a green board for the vegetable help you to promote better hygiene.

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