Twin Bed With Trundle To Dream Big

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Twin bed with trundle РWhen it comes to decorating or fixing a room, we always look for where to put all those things that we have and that no longer fit in the closet or other furniture; We use everything, shelves, baskets, chairs and even the bed. The disorganization in the room is a very recurrent theme and that many people think is due to lack of space. Perhaps, space is the problem, especially when the room is too small or too small in furniture.  In this book of ideas, we present you designs of rooms with a trundle bed with drawers, so you can store everything you want. The advantage of the trundle beds with drawers is that they take advantage of the space between the base and the floor with drawers.

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These twin bed with trundle and drawers are mainly for single beds, in some of the things also comes in bunk beds. Keep reading and find out how to design a juvenile room with a trundle bed with drawers for boys and girls. There is nothing more fun than a bed with the theme, as you see it in the image. It is a trundle bed with boat-shaped drawers. But not only the trundle bed with drawers is part of the design of the room, but textiles and walls play an important role.

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Due to its shape, this bed is perfect to be used as a twin bed with trundle and drawers, this boat design takes advantage of the spaces inside the bed.  Support your little one in his big dreams. A room for those children who dream of being pilots; an exclusive design for the little ones who dream big. This room not only has a sensational design, but the bed that is part of this concept serves to maintain order and cleanliness of the place. It is a trundle bed with individual drawers to store different accessories.