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Twin Platform Bed With Drawers – A double bed is large enough to accommodate two people comfortably, but in many of its smaller rooms, a bed of this size means little space for other furniture. A double bed platform with drawers underneath will help you recover some lost storage space without affecting the comfort of the queen-size bed provides. Cut four-inch pieces from 2 by 4 to 58 long, with the circular saw. Cut four 80-inch pieces. Cut four 10-inch pieces. Adjust the 1-inch pilot bearing on the router. Cut a 1 inch deep, 1-inch wide long gouge from the 2-inch wide face of two 80 inch pieces using the router.

These are the slots in which the slats to hold the mattress twin platform bed with drawers adjustment. Draw a broad 1 inch by 1-inch long box in the 2 inch wide ends of the 58. Inch pieces and pieces 80 inches long. Trim the boxes using a saw to leave a 1 inch wide, 1 inch long and 4-inch deep notch in the pieces. Interweave the 58-inch and 80-inch pieces in the notches to form two rectangular frames. Make sure that the slat grooves face each other. Fasten the frame joints together with long countersunk screws and a drill and a screwdriver bit. Cover the end faces of the 10-inch pieces with wood glue.

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Glue the 10-inch pieces to the corners of the rectangular frames to form the twin platform bed with drawers frame with a 10-inch piece, as each corner bracket with the separate frames. Reinforce the joints with long countersunk screws. Cut four pieces of 2 by 4 to 10 inches. Glue the ends of the pieces. Place a 10-inch piece in the center of each vertical face on the bed frame. Reinforce the joints with long countersunk screws. Cut a piece of 2 by 4 to 76 inches. Glue the faces of the ends of the piece. Place the piece at the base of the bed frame, 30 centimeters from the right side.

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