Very Popular Countertop Support Brackets

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Installing countertop support brackets is a very popular part of today’s kitchen remodeling. Appearance of countertops or solid surface countertops is bright and fluid. Color and design options are numerous. Its appeal is complemented by how practical they are: most solid kitchen countertops tolerate stains, scratches, sunlight and heat. However, installing solid surface kitchen countertops requires dexterity and most manufacturers and countertop suppliers recommend that they be installed by a certified installer.

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A structure with a weak countertop support brackets, which is uneven or does not have proper ventilation can cause cracking and separation of edges. Solid surface countertops should rest on a support frame with a continuous, firm perimeter to keep them level and level. Frame must support inside corners and through long sections. Do not use solid liners as a support, as they can accumulate heat by placing electric appliances, such as portable electric pans, on countertop.

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Countertop or kitchen counter should also be high enough to allow leading edge to not obstruct drawers and doors. Support structure must allow free circulation of air under worktop. If necessary, add wooden wedges to upper edges of base of cabinets to level surface. This is to ensure that countertop support brackets remains flat and in its correct position against back edge of counter.